Vampire of Needham

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Recently a company called Anywhere Software announced a new product for the Android – Basic4Android.  I really had avoided any type of Visual Basic over the years,  but, because I program Geocaching Applications for the Android and netbooks I decided to give Basic4Android a try.  They indeed have free trial download and I did try it out.  Even though Visual Basic is easy, it wasn’t easy for me at first because I didn’t have a clue on how it worked.  Fortunately,  there are many examples of real working code that have real world type applications.  The thing that made it easy though was I knew what the application had to do and I have used the Eclipse IDE and the Android SDK to create a few apps.  My little geocaching game, Vampire of Needham seemed a easy choice to implement using Basic4Android.  Over the years,  I’ve written variations on the theme of small computer driven Geocaching games.  Some are self-contained running on a laptop, netbook, Android and some are server driven where the GPS  sends the location to a server that has all the logic.  The server logic is PHP with MySQL to save things.  The GPS code however wasn’t in the trial version so I paid the $39 for the enabled download.

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