The Secret Life of Fat by Sylvia Tara PhD

Here’s a surprising factoid from the book:  Fat is filled with stem cells and the stem cells derived from it got into the news a while back in the 2012 primary.  After the recent Trumpsonian primary it is difficult to remember the Rick Perry “Opps Moment” in which he forgot about the Department of Energy.  Now there is a Fat backstory.   It seems Rick Perry had back trouble and part of the treatment plan included injecting stem cells into his bloodstream. These weren’t any old stem cells, they were Rick Perry stem cells derived from Rick Perry fat which had been liposuctioned from a fatty portion of the Perry body and processed in a lab maybe in Texas.  The pain pills he was taking at the time of the debate just made him look stupid and he dropped out in a short while.  Fat stem cells weren’t blamed for making Perry look stupid though.  Perry Fat Link

Sylvia Tara recently was making the book circuit rounds and dutifully undergoing questions by people who maybe had read the book or at least the interviewer had been given some on topic questions by an aide/intern whose job it was to read all new books.  It sounded interesting and I ordered a copy.   After a while, it was dropped on my front porch by UPS and I got around to reading it and it turned out to be a behind the scenes of most of the medical research on fat and why we can’t do much about our own fat.  The medical profession knows a great deal about fat but the advice all comes down to reduce calories and exercise more.


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