Fly-Away-Home Part 1

Here’s a link to the FlyAwayHome app you can download.

When you first signon to the  app,  it will create a location file using a spot in Needham.  The first time you set a Mark, the location will not look as strange.

If you want to install it on your android,  you must go to applications and enable Unknown sources.  Once you do that you can click on the link above and download the app.  Once the app is downloaded ,  you can then un-check the setting.

Click on the ladybug image to start application

The next screen you will see is the looking for satellites screen.

If all goes well, you will see a satellite detected message

Click on OK to continue.

FAH will try to display the location of the last location that has been saved with the MARK button.  This is the last location saved and as you walk around, the display will indicate if you are getting farther or nearer and the ladybug will indication the direction of mark.  You will notice the ladybug changes direction as you rotate the Android around.  It will always point in the general cardinal direction and is positioned by the magnetic compass in the Android.

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