Fly Away Home part 2

Mark saves the current location if you have your location enabled. If the system has not determined the location,  you get a small message “Looking for Satellites try again.”  Clicking on OK on the Saving Location saves that position and the system will display your distance and location.  It doesn’t matter if you are only 2 feet away.  While off shopping, it is useful to preserve battery life by exiting Fly Away Home if you are not using it.

Items  on the  Menu button are there for the  curious.   It should be remembered pressing Menu stops any GPS searches in progress. Find will not work until the GPS has been re-enabled via the Sat button.  Pressing Menu Exit returns to the top bar but nothing is enabled. 

You must press Sat to re-enable the application.

Compass displays a magnetic compass

Menu Button Sat starts the looking for satellites process which will continue until the current location is determined.

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