Vampire of Needham – Play AnyWhere

Download from Android Market

2011-07-19.  PlayAnywhere feature updated to use a smaller play area about 100ft x 250 ft. 

This allows the use of smaller areas. The older version needed about 1000 feet.


After the GPS enabled screen, Press Mark to put the game in AnyWhere mode.  Press Start to begin the game.  You should be aware that the game is played on a South to North direction and the vampire capture place is about 60 feet S.E. of whereever you pressed Mark.  The first time I tried the location was in the middle of the interstate highway.  So don’t press Mark at the edge of a body of water unless there is an island 250 feet north of you.   It is possible to have the point in the middle of someone’s living room.  The game resets to regular play when  you exit.


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