Vampire Of Needham – Game Play

Download from Android Market

Begin by pressing Start.  Follow the direction and pointer to the capture Zone




Once in the capture zone, press OK to change to the scan view



After you captured the Vampire, the view changes as you rotate the scanner around the Compass Cardinal Points.  (N, E, S, W).  When you spot the vampire in one of the views you can press Capture and confine the vampire.  Be warned once you capture the vampire your lifeforce begins to drain away.


If it goes to zero, you lose.





Here’s one of the  views from the tomb zone scanner.  Note the Life Force Index ( L.F.I.)

One of the Tomb views has the name of a God that kills vampires.  At least in comic books anyway.  Find the name of the God and enter it before your life force runs out.


Your reward is to live and play another day.  Oh, by the way,  you have saved Needham, Ma, and the known universe.  You are the living image of the Super Hero.

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