Publishing Miz Lou

Here’s a progress report for Miz Lou’s Novel “High Mangress.” As some of you
know Wendy and I went to Largo for Thanksgiving. One of the events was
visiting mom at the Barrington and while we were there she pointed out that
her novel needed to be published. No problema, I thought, but I better get busy as Miz Lou turned 102 just before Thanksgiving. The result was that son Richard (Ricky by the sea) copied each chapter into a .pdf and emailed me the batch.

The next step was translating the .pdf chapter into readable text. I eventually bought some software from Dragon Naturally Speaking called OmniPage18 which is an OCR translator for .pdf image files. You can open a .pdf into the program and it will translate the .pdf image into a text file which can be copied and pasted into Microsoft Word.

After consulting my writing buddies, a self-publishing service called
CreateSpace from Amazon was selected to be the publisher/printer. There is
all sorts of good advice on the web about using this service. Eventually, I
had to buy a copy of Microsoft Word 2013, as my copy of Word didn’t quite do
what I wanted to do and it was much easier to work with a new copy that
various writers were using in demos rather than attempt to setup the old copy
I had.

It took several days for me to set the new copy of Word so it would produce a
document that CreateSpace might be able to digest. Now a chapter is read into
OmniPage18, converted into a text file, and then is pasted into Word for
CreateSpace formatting. Generally, each chapter is printed twice so the
printed page can be used for proofing-editing.

One of the other things I was advised to do was own the ISBNs rather than let
Amazon publishing have any publishing rights beyond charging for book copies.
Accordingly, I bought a block of 10 from Bowker Identfier Service. One of
them is 978-0-9860721-0-9.
The other tidbit is the book will be 6″X9″ with a nice color cover and black
and white pages or maybe cream colored pages. All of this is being saved in
the cloud on Dropbox.

As you can see, it’s slightly more involved than “no problema” but things are
progressing nicely.

Useful Links:  Bowker registers ISBNs in the United States and in some cases world wide. If you don’t want to register your own ISBM, most of the self-publishers will do it for you with a few strings attached.   A self publishing service run by Amazon.  There are many more but this the one I choose to use.  Lisa Shea is the Moderator for the Boston Mensa Writing group and hosts a webpage featuring a variety of subjects ranging from Origami Cranes – Flowers to Dune and Bene Gesserit .  Gregory L. Mahan shares some of his insights about self-publishing.

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