Miz Lou’s Christmas 2013

As I mentioned previously, son Richard (known as Ricky By The Sea) had taken the double typed manuscript and had scanned it into a series of .pdf files – one for each chapter.

I worked on “High Mangress” formatting the chapters during early December 2013.  The process was to open a .pdf chapter into OmniPage18.  It worked wonderfully well at translating the .pdf image files into text.  Occasionally, it would ask me what the pencil mark or strange smudge really meant but for the most part, it translated perfectly.  The text was then copied and pasted into the book’s large HighMangress.doc file.

Editing was facilitated by using a Word template formatted to 6″X9″ with recommended margins.  Life was made much easier by following the excellent page break and formatting advice at http://www.llandra.com/index.php/category/howto/ . Editing consisted of reading to see if the text flow made sense as the spelling had been checked in the text conversion process.  There were one or two instances where a word had to be added or a phrase slightly rearranged. The text followed the literary convention of having the whites speak proper English for those days and non-whites speak in vernacular surrounded by single quotes as if the reader didn’t know vernacular from English. Accordingly, the single quotes were replaced by double quotes in order to improve the flow.

CreateSpace provides several steps to follow.  Most of them are self-explanatory with only a few needing some consideration.  You can upload your manuscript for proofing or you can download a .pdf so you can view the book layout locally or you can view on-line.  Actually, I uploaded and viewed various ways several times during the process. Other steps included setting a price and designing a cover.  You can upload your own cover design or you can do as I did and use their Cover Designer. It should be noted that if you make a change in the beginning of the chapter, Word rearranges the text.  Sometimes, the spacing here and there had to be changed to remove extra white space.  After every change, it is highly recommended you refresh the document. This phase came to an end and it was time to really self-publish.

Christmas was approaching and the proof had not been OKed nor printed nor nothing.  As in many cases, it’s nothing money won’t fix and CreateSpace was sent funds to cover super, cosmic expedited delivery to send brother Richard two proof copies.  One to give Miz Lou for Christmas and the other to be returned to me for the actual proofing.

Christmas arrived and brother Richard delivered Miz Lou’s Christmas present on Christmas day.

It had only taken some thirty years from her interest in family genealogy, to her researching in the Florida Archives, interviewing family members and friends, doing the actual writing, and finally after some time, getting the book to the publisher.



View the Amazon listing for Miz Lou’s “High Mangress.” It also lists the Kindle book.


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