Miz Lou Goes Electronic

The book itself was done in Microsoft Word using a template for a 6″X9″ sized book. Chapters in a print book by convention start on odd pages so each new chapter was proceeded with a page break to the next odd page. After the proofing and some minor corrections the book was released as a paperback.

The first attempt consisted of uploading the .doc file.  After viewing the less than perfect results, I looked for some advice and found it at Kindle as “FROM WORD TO KINDLE’ for $0.01.  The author also has a web page at http://www.newselfpublishing.com. The electronic process began with saving the book in HTML format from Microsoft Word, This procedure resulted in a folder with various formatting files that I left as is and an .HTM file. There is a certain amount of stuff in a print book that is not desired in an electronic book. Some of the front matter was removed and some of the HTML was corrected. This was easy for me as I normally work with HTML code and the book had a few problems that were corrected. Not everything was corrected as they were there were some extra spaces between sentences. Electronic Books are not print books so a new ISBN was created.  ISBN-13:978-0-9860721-0-9


Actually, my brother Richard wanted to read the book on his Kindle so I hurried the process up a little and set the price at $0.99 as well.  I may go back a make a few more corrections. After the editing, the folder with formatting stuff and the updated .HTM file were archived into a .zip file that was uploaded to Kindle and they did the rest. Click on the image and view the Amazon listing,  Free free to purchase.

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