Benny Is Never Wrong

“Benny Is Never Wrong.” We dine at China Sky.
By Tom Birchmire

“Benny recommends the China Sky in Wellesley,” my wife Wendy said in response to my unasked question. It was around lunch time in Wellesley on a Saturday and she was feeling hungry.
“What does your hair stylist know about eating out?” I asked peevishly, “ You tell me he only goes out to one or two places.”
“That’s true,” replied Wendy “But his hair styling clients are dining out all the time and they tell him which are the good restaurants and he tells me.”
Benny is usually right in these matters and we started our search for China Sky somewhere in Wellesley.

Benny told Wendy that China Sky was just off Route 16 (Washington St) in Wellesley on the same street as an Italian restaurant. We soon found a modest white building almost hidden at 11 Forest Street diagonally across the way from a Bertucci’s restaurant.

China Sky
11 Forest Street Telephone        781-431-2388
Wellesley, MA 02481                     N 42 18.466
Entrees $ 9.00 – $ 18.00                W 71 16.709

Oriental Cuisine featuring Chinese (Szechwan and Cantonese) and Japanese (Hand Rolls, Sushi, Sashimi, Tempura, Teriyaki and Udon.)
We entered the foyer, passing through the attractive wooden oriental doors and were greeted by a sparkling clean large room with numerous tables with white tablecloths set in a modern Oriental decor. To the left just inside the front door there is a private room that can seat a party of about twenty. Overhead there is a large wooden tapered sculpture consisting of narrow dark wooden ribs contrasting against the seafoam ceiling and walls. This highly stylized fish runs the length of the ceiling and quite naturally leads the eye to the sushi bar at the end of the room. Large windows run down the length of the right side of the room. In keeping with overall modern Oriental theme the windows had frosted overlays resembling I Ching trigrams. Soft oriental music played in the background. We were there for lunch dressed in our hiking cloyhes; I suspect the evening diners dress a little more upscale than we were.
After we were seated the waiter delivered some very crispy Fried Wontons with Duck Sauce and the hot tea. We studied the Appetizer menu which listed 18 selections ranging from a Vegetable Spring roll for $2.50 up to Lobster Soong for $ 14.95 or Chicken Soong for $10.95. We didn’t opt for Soong with black mushrooms and lettuce for wrapping but rather decided to stick with the Fried Wontons that came with the table. Wendy ordered her usual diet cola. Whenever I dine out I order an inexpensive Chardonnay ($6.95), expecting to find that Holy Grail of wine – a perfect balance of fruity flavors with a slight hint of oak. This Chardonnay was more like a friendly nod from a passing clergyman with very mild flavors and no detectable oak.

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