Thoughts on how to participate in a revolution.

Hi J,

I know you asked me how to engage in revolutionary change and I had no good
answers but I thought a bit about the subject of revolution and changing

Some additional thoughts on some recent revolutions or at least the attempt to
make big changes.

Gay Marriage – at least two decades of advocates pushing to change attitudes
and succeeding after successful court cases. The various states gradually
folded almost overnight.

Legal Marijuana – Decades of advocacy with the almost universal realization
the national drug policy was not working. The gradual decriminalization for
marijuana sale, possession, etc, proceeded and eventually the realization that
there is big money to be made from being legal is taking hold.

Gun Control – A lot of discussion over decades but gun owners who do vote
have been persuaded not to allow much regulation and up to now have prevented
additional regulation.

Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas – A one hundred and fifty years of
scientific observations have persuaded almost everyone the climate is warming
and changing probably not for the better. The discussion is about how to
respond and there world has not reached consensus

Arab Spring – After the successful beginning on December 17, 2010, with
Mohamed Bouazizi’s self-immolation in Tunisia, the country is gradually
succeeding. In almost all other countries, it’s a complete failure.

French Revolution – Successful or not? Too soon to say.

One comment might be the environment has to allow for peaceful discussion and
persuasion even over decades.

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