Miz Lou’s Obituary

Louise Maloney Perpall Birchmire, born 11/18/1911 Key West Fl. Died 12/31/2015 Largo, Fl at the age of 104.
Born as the seventh generation of a Florida pioneer family,  she was the last of her generation having outlived her husband Thomas H (1980),  grand daughter Maria Louise (1976),  her brother Morris (1925),  five sisters along with their spouses,  four nephews and many friends.
In 1930 she met Thomas H. Birchmire who was in the U.S. Navy and in 1931 they were married. As a young navy wife, she traveled between the East and West coasts moving the family home to whichever port her husband’s ship might be stationed. Eventually, after sharing 25 years of navy life, the two retired to Hialeah Springs, Fla to live on the lake. But alas, their happiness was not to continue, Tom suffered a severe stroke which left him a partial invalid for the remainder of his life. Throughout it all Louise remained the devoted wife caring for him until his death. She still enjoyed life, her church and many friends and her family but it wasn’t the same without him.
While visiting Largo, Fla in 1999, she suffered a stroke and then moved to Largo to be near her son Richard and his wife Mary Ann.
Miz Lou, as she was known in later years, continued to develop her talent for writing. Genealogy and family research provided the background for her novel “High Mangress – One Family’s Journey Into Florida History.” Miz Lou’s novel was written over a period of 30 years and published in 2013 when she was 102. Sometimes when she was asked about life, Miz Lou might respond, “You know a person can live too long, too far from their time.” Other times she would reflect, “We all were so happy then before the war, We were all young, and poor trying to live on navy pay. It was nice to have enough money to be able to give your neighbor a jelly glass full of Maxwell House coffee though.”
On December 31, 2015,  some 85 years later, Miz Lou passed on to be reunited with her husband Tom. She is survived by her two sons, Thomas H.and his wife Wendy, Richard A. Sr.and his wife Mary Ann, four grandchildren, Thomas H. III, Richard A., Geneva, and Richard A. Jr. and two great grandchildren. She will be buried in Miami with her husband.
In Lieu of flowers, please donate in memory of Louise Birchmire to your local hospice.

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