qn2portals The Virtual Shops at Needham Center.


Part of the rewrite of portals besides changing the name to qn2portals was to change the theme slightly to have the player visit the actual door shown.  Instead of a series of simple questions to be answered the player now has to enter the virtual door, look around, and answer a question about the virtual location.  For those wanting to research the answers  before visiting Needham Center, the  following links allow the player to visit the virtual locations.


Bassett’s Archania and Esoterica Magical Supplies
East View  West View North View  South View
Charles River Collectables
East View West View North View South View
Geocaching in the Town of Needham
East View West View North View South View
Welcome to Satvihir Harvest
East View West View North View South View

Play Anywhere Mode
Play Anywhere allows the player to practice walking qn2portals where ever there is GPS reception and a large enough area to walk around in.  To begin Play Anywhere, just press Mark once you have GPS reception.  This creates an offset that is added to your local position and effectively you are walking around the Needham Ma town center although you are somewhere else.